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Outdoor Dining for Summer 2020

Sun Valley has always been known for its access to the outdoors and accessibly to activites. It should come as no surprise when things get challenging we resort to our most abundant resource… the outdoors. Restaurants and bars are now open in the valley but things will be a little different this summer. While many were able to rearrange for distanced dining, they and others are still offering plenty of to-go menu options. But with plenty of sun and fresh air don’t feel like you have to head straight home to eat. Instead we’ve compiled a list of the best places to enjoy your to-go meals around the valley.

The Streets

No, we are not talking about laying out the picnic blanket in the middle of Sun Valley Road during rush hour. But the City of Ketchum has closed down parts of 4th street between Leadville and Walnut (except cross streets) and has placed tables and umbrellas to expand the already great outdoor space of Town Square. This location is central to tons of great restaurants and is flooded with sun all times of day. Also keep an eye out for tables out on sidewalks and tucked away in nooks cause there will be plenty of unique places to enjoy this summer.

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Ketchum has wonderful large parks like Atkinson’s, Rotary, and Forest Service parks. But for smaller more secluded places that are closer to your takeout stops here are our favorites: Lucy Loken Park at the southeast end of Walnut Ave. is a great little shady escape right along Trail Creek. Just a block north of the 4th street closure is Little Park which is aptly named, but provides some nice vegetation yet still close-by to all your favorites. For a great view pop up onto the Knob Hill Natural Area best accessed from the northwest end of East Ave. The bike path also connects plenty of small little pocket parks along its entire length like the Edelweiss and Farnlun.

Here is a link to more information on Ketchum’s Parks


Ketchum has plenty of river accesses that get you right on down to the water and provide a peaceful oasis right in town. Rotary Park is the easiest place to start on the waterfront, but don’t be afraid to explore and look for the green street signs designating river access. Want to really enjoy your food in nature? Then the Hemingway/Northwood Natural Area or the Sun Peak Picnic area are some great places to get a little further away. Also heading out Trail Creek past the Sun Valley Village there is a few picnic pullouts to enjoy.


One of the best parts of summer is patio season. Whether rooftop or back deck there is no better place to enjoy a beer. There are plenty of great patios to check out that we’ve already listed here.

Keep your eyes open this summer cause you never know when you’re gonna stumble upon your next favorite picnic spot. These are just a few of our favorite grub spots in town but trust us, the food tastes even better on a mountain peak or sitting on a tailgate after a long ride. So be sure to order up, fuel up, and go soak up some of that summer sun! 

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