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Eating Healthy & Sustainably in Sun Valley

While the Wood River Valley may be a bit lacking in options when it comes to big bulk goods, it is abundant with opportunities for eating healthily and sustainably. As exhibited by retirees you’re sure to find passing you seemingly effortlessly on the Nordic or bike trails, this is a community that cares exceptionally about health, and it also shows in the many local efforts to bring healthy eating to our little town. 

5B Fruit

5B Fruit, located downstairs in the Leadville building offers a wide array of smoothies, juices and bowls crafted with all kinds of antioxidant berries and seeds as well as unique add-on options such as bee pollen, bamboo charcoal, hemp protein and more.  You’ll also find a slew of 3oz “shots” tailored to cure your hangover, cold or post workout dehydration. What’s more, 5B fruit grows organic kale and spinach in their greenhouse located south of Bellevue, and at the end of the day their juicing pulp and compost is used to enrich planting soil or feed free range chickens.  

Healthy & Sustainable Eating


A fusion between a health food store and café, GLOW is completely plant-based. In addition to a variety of smoothies, bowls and juices, GLOW also provides a full lunch menu that you can enjoy on their quiet patio. Selections include a Thai Noodle bowl made with zucchini noodles, a grilled cheese sandwich with cashew cheese, or veggie toast complete with pumpkin seed basil pesto. If you’re looking for a multi-day cleanse or meal plan personalized to your needs, GLOW’s owner, Molly (a holistic doctor with an extensive background in detoxification and nutrition) will work with you to create your own unique experience. Or, stop by GLOW to stock up on dietary supplements or a superfood dessert to take home. 

Healthy & Sustainable Eating

Ginger Sweet

One of the Valley’s newer establishments, Ginger Sweet, provides options for Cold Pressed and 100% organic juices and smoothies. These nutrient filled mason jars are a treat to the eyes and the body in an assortment of vibrant colors and flavors. One of their more unique juices is the BlueMajik Lemonade which gets its blue color from freshwater algae, known for its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger Sweet also sources all of their wheatgrass (an extra sweet variety!) from Itty Bitty farms in Carey, and sources many ingredients locally when possible. Enjoy one of their rejuvenating juices in their shop and boutique adorned with art and jewelry from around the world. 

Healthy & Sustainable Eating

Natural Grocers

While it may not be run locally, Natural Grocers offers a larger scale grocery shopping experience with a large variety of health food brands and a commitment to sustainability and consciously produced foods. From seeking out responsible agriculture to source their eggs, dairy and meat to ensuring all of their stores use non-toxic construction materials and solar-powered store signs, Natural Grocers is a welcome addition in our valley for those who care about their health and the health of the environment.

Markets, Farms and More

In addition to the many spots providing prepared healthy eats, there are also numerous organizations and individuals working to increase sustainable food practices in our valley. The Wood River Farmers Markets, which take place in Hailey and Ketchum once a week during the warm months, give local growers and bakers the opportunity to bring their harvests directly to our communities. Thanks to organizations like The Hunger Coalition (who’s mission is to increase access to healthy foods) and the Sage School  (which engages in a diverse range of sustainability efforts with it’s students), food stamps are even accepted at the markets. 

Fresh produce from Squash Blossom Farms

Local farmers, whose missions and livelihoods are based around sustainable agriculture, are plentiful in this valley. Squash Blossom Farm, for example, offers CSA (Community Support Agriculture) shares where members can pickup fresh produce each week. You can also find Squash Blossom’s seasonal veggies served in restaurants around town like CK’s, Rasberry’s, Glow, and Vintage. 

For a list of more farmers and vendors you’ll find at the Farmer’s Markets, checkout their vendor page. Whether you’re just looking to eat local and fresh, in adopting more sustainable practices or taking part of a larger movement, there’s no shortage of ways to get involved in this town.

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