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Ski Tek is always happening. We are on the cutting edge; Always trying & applying new ideas & techniques. We are educated. We walk our talk. Life is precious. We can’t waste our time on dysfunctional equipment. So, for ourselves and our customers, we buy the best. And we maintain it in world class condition so it functions well when it counts. To us, enjoying the Earth’s most precious resources- Water, in all its forms; Wind; Clean Air; Sunshine;  Nature- is more important than accumulating things for status. But we don’t scrimp on our equipment. We insist it must both fit and function well.

We believe that the quality of your equipment is directly proportionate to the quality of your experience. The less you notice your equipment the more you notice where you are and what you are doing. Our job is to maximize the outdoor experience. We weed through all the equipment offered and find the most efficient, lightest, toughest, simplest gear that is available. Some call them toys. We prefer tools – because tools are an extension of the body which give you leverage or improve your performance. This is what our equipment and our services will do for our customers. In short, we are serious about our equipment in order to maximize our fun. For pure unadulterated joy in the out-of-doors is the Goal!If you feel that this expresses you too, then, please, browse our web site, give us a call,  or come visit our store.

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