Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee

Hours of Operation

Coffee Bar:
M-F 8am-11am
M-F 8am-3pm (ish)

Coffee roasterie, featuring freshly roasted coffees and coffee brewing equipment for sale for local pickup or nationwide shipping.

We brew espresso & pour over coffees, with full attention to every single cup, in the heart of our roasterie. Treat yourself to a coffee served in porcelain right at our coffee bar, or, we’ll prepare your coffee to-go so you’re out the door and off to start your day.

Like nothing you’ve experienced. Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee is a production coffee roasting facility, and you can jump right in to the morning mix at our coffee bar. Yep, it’s a front-line, real-deal, enjoy your awesome coffee right where it happens kind of a place. Enjoy your coffee at our bar, or get it to go. We’re always ready to chat coffee with you, help you pick out a roast for home, or help you choose a new brewing or grinding gadget. We really look forward to being part of your morning!

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