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Galena Lodge

Hours of Operation

Summer 2024: Open Jun 7 to Sep 15.

Open daily 9am – 5pm.

Lunch 11am – 3:30pm.



Galena Lodge is a day-lodge owned by the Blaine County Recreation District (BCRD) on behalf of the community nestled in the heart of the Boulder Mountains 23 miles north of the Sun Valley Resort and Ketchum, Idaho. We’re open daily in the Winter and Summer seasons serving lunch, special dinners, and operating as home base for cross-country skiers, mountain bikers, and hikers. We offer overnight lodging only in our semi-backcountry yurts.

Galena Lodge is surrounded by a 47-mile non-motorized single-track trail network that was created through a partnership between BCRD, Galena Lodge and the Sawtooth NRA.  The trails are suited for all users including beginner, intermediate and advanced hikers, runners, equestrians and mountain bikers.


Galena Lodge is open for summer operations from mid-June to mid-September, daily 9am – 5pm with lunch served 11am – 3:30pm.  Summer activities include:


Galena opens for the winter season around Thanksgiving Day and closes in early April. Winter hours of operation are 9am to 5pm. Cozy up by our fire and enjoy lunch, fresh baked goods, espresso drinks or a house made cocktail. Lunch is served daily from 11:00am to 3:30pm.

In the winter, Galena Lodge provides a warm and inviting home base for skiers and snowshoers to enjoy between forays into the winter wonderland.  BCRD maintains and grooms over 50 km of groomed Nordic trails surrounding the lodge and 25 km of packed snowshoe trails. Check Galena Winter Trail Conditions here

Winter Dinners: These dinners are available by reservation only. Please check out our calendar, BOOK HERE or call for our complete winter schedule of events. Galena is available for private rental and is the perfect place to host holiday parties, dinners and receptions. Relax by the warmth of the fire and leave everything to our talented and friendly staff.

  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Full Moon Dinners
  • Holiday Dinners
  • New Years Dinner
  • Valentine’s Dinner
  • Wine Dinners

Private Parties, Weddings and More: Considering Galena Lodge for your group gathering? A private lodge rental is only available in the evenings. The beautiful surroundings and historic lodge are only a small part of what will make your event special. We offer several different catering formats and work with you to personalize your evening. Relax by the warmth of the fire or enjoy the outdoors during the summer and leave everything to our talented and friendly staff.

Weddings at Galena Lodge

Senate Meadows provides a dramatic and unique site for your wedding ceremony. Senate Meadows sits in the heart of Idaho’s Boulder Mountains. With a backdrop of Galena Peak, Senate Creek serenades your guests with her beautiful melody, and if you’re lucky, Senate Meadows comes with beautiful blooming wildflowers! Perfect. Come take a stroll around Galena, Senate Meadows is located within walking distance from the Lodge.

Galena Lodge is one of the valley’s best kept secrets. Step back in time, relax and enjoy an unforgettable mountain wedding. Let Galena’s staff handle all the details of your day while you relax.

Galena Lodge Yurts

Feeling adventurous? Yurts are rustic, yet a modern adaptation of ancient shelters used by Central Asian nomads for many centuries. Think of a yurt as an elevated Mongolian teepee.

Galena Lodge has four yurts available for rent in the winter and in the summer. Our yurts are strong, warm (when there is a fire going), and weather tight. Their efficient design provides a secure and comfortable dwelling in a natural setting with easy access to all the activities you will enjoy during your stay at Galena.

Our yurts are unique places to escape and reconnect with your family and friends. No electricity. No laptops. No cell phones.

The below yurts are located on the ridge above the lodge and are accessible by short ski or snowshoe (or hike or drive in the summer). Absolutely no walking without snowshoes in the winter!

  • Senate View Yurt: Overlooking Senate Meadows, located at the southern end of the ridge, near Star’s Perch, and closest to the Lodge and the sledding hill. Senate View sleeps eight people. There are two bunkbeds with double futon couches on the bottom, single beds on top and a double futon couch.
  • Star’s Perch Yurt: Nestled in the lodgepole pine forest but with a fantastic view of Galena peak. Star’s yurt sits on the ridge line behind the lodge and is located between Senate View & Honeymoon. Star’s sleeps eight people in three bunk beds, two with a double futon couch on the bottom and single beds on top. This yurt can easily be combined with the Senate View yurt (just a minute away) to accommodate a larger group. This yurt has a wood-fired sauna at it that is open to all yurt guests.
  • Honeymoon Yurt: Tucked into the trees for privacy and just far enough away from the other yurts, Honeymoon yurt (16ft) can sleep up to four people on two double futons. This yurt sits on the ridge line behind the lodge but is off enough on its own that you don’t know anyone else is around. This yurt is great for a couple, small family or 2 single people.
  • Miner’s Yurt: The newest yurt to the Galena family. This 20 ft, 8-person yurt sits at the top of Jenny’s Way Nordic Trail and along the Tilt-a-Whirl snowshoe trail (not anywhere close to the other yurts). Miles away from your nearest neighbor, with a deck that overlooks Titus ridge line, the Miner’s yurt is amazing. This is a great yurt to Nordic ski into (1.5 miles), with a flatter but still somewhat uphill approach. This is also a great yurt for some spring backcountry skiing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get To The Yurt?
Our yurts can only be accessed through human power (skiing or snowshoeing, no walking!). From the Lodge, the Senate View, Star’s Perch and Honeymoon yurts are about a 15-20 minute snowshoe or a 30-40 minute Nordic Ski. The new Miner’s Yurt is about a 30 minute Nordic ski (flatter but still uphill). We do provide one pull behind sled for each yurt rental. For an additional fee, snowmobile service can be provided for hauling gear or those with limited mobility. Be sure to inquire for more details when you make your reservation since advance notice will be required.


Each yurt is furnished with a wood stove for heat, propane stove and fuel for cooking, solar lights (lanterns as backup), pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cups and mugs, coffee pots and percolators or filters, paper towels, toilet paper, newspaper, firewood, matches, books, games, snow shovels, and beds with foam mats. You will need to split and stock firewood from the firewood pile outside your yurt during your stay and upon departure.

In the Winter: One yurt pull-behind sled is included with your yurt rental. Snowshoe passes are included with your yurt rental but if you want to Nordic ski you must purchase a BCRD trail pass.

In the Summer: All the summer trails are free to use. If you need a bike rental, lesson, or a tune up for your bike, head on down to the lodge and we will get you taken care of.


You will need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, change of clothes, flashlight, food and personal items. In the winter snow can be melted for water and in the summer season you can pick up jugs of water down at Galena. Things you don’t need but may want include slippers, towel/bathing suit for the sauna, and earplugs for your roommates.


In the winter: Galena Lodge provides one pull sled with each yurt rental in which you can haul your gear to your yurt. It’s uphill, so pack wisely (no luggage or coolers). For an extra charge, a snowmobile with a big toboggan can be provided to haul your gear up. Be sure to inquire for more details when you make your reservation since advance notice will be required.

In the summer: You are able to drive a higher clearance (SUV, Outback, Etc) to the yurts and can haul in your own stuff, don’t forget the water.


Galena is open for lunch daily from 11am-3:30pm and espresso, baked goods, and breakfast sandwiches at 9 am.  Just remember that Galena is NOT open every night for dinner. Many people order from our “Heat and Eat” yurt dinner menu (during the winter) or bring their own food and enjoy cooking meals with their family and friends.

In the winter: We offer a gourmet “Heat and Eat” yurt dinner menu that you can pick up when you check in. Please click here to order. Prior arrangement (24 hours in advance) must be made for this menu. Sorry, yurt dinners are not available in the summer.

In the summer: We have our Thursday Night Western BBQ Dinners. Please see the “eat” tab on our website for reservations

“Heat & Eat” Yurt Dinner Order


Outhouses are located near each yurt. Toilet paper is provided.


Book Online HERE! Yurts must be paid for in full in order to reserve the yurt. Please call the lodge at 208-726-4010 or EMAIL if you have any questions.


Three weeks prior to your reservation for a full refund (except $25 to cover credit card and administrative fees). There is no refund available within the three weeks before your reservation.


Unfortunately not. Galena Lodge is a day lodge and the only lodging available is the semi-backcountry yurts.
In the summer there is plenty of dispersed camping off of forest service dirt roads.


Yes – we now welcome dogs at all of our yurts during the summer and winter! Please remember to always pick up after your dog and make sure they are under control and not barking too much or disturbing your neighbors. If your dog does any damage to the yurts, you will be fully responsible.

In the Winter: You will need to snowshoe with your dog to the yurt as the nordic trails that access the yurts are not open to dogs. Also please keep an eye on your dog and make sure they don’t use the bathroom anywhere near the “clean snow area” since you need to melt that snow for water.

In the Summer: Please remember not to leave your dog in the yurt alone during the day, it can get very hot in there if the windows are not open.


Check in is as early as 2pm and check out is by 11am. Please respect these times to allow us to have a chance to check on the yurts in between guests.


There is no running water at the yurts. In the winter you can melt snow (easiest to start with a little bit of water in the bottom of the pot). In the summer time bring a jug of water (don’t worry you can drive to all of the yurts in the summer).

Each yurt is outfitted with a Goal Zero Solar System. We encourage our guest not to charge any devices to make sure you have enough power for the installed lights.


1) Call ahead so Galena is aware
2) Take a look at the map and the “how do I get to the yurts FAQ.” There are paper maps located in a small box below the large map sign at the trailhead.
3) In the winter, park on the perimeter of the parking lot (in case we need to plow)
4) Bring a headlamp so you can find your way
5) In the winter, have your skis + snowshoes ready – reserve any rentals you need online at least 24 hours in advance and let the shop know
6) In the winter, grab one sled for pulling your gear up to the yurt (should be leaning against the fence next to the ski shop)


Rental gear is not included in the yurt rental. Please be sure to stop by the shop and get your rental gear before making your way to a yurt!

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