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I created Bellissimo in 1992 as an extension of my own home.  I have always been drawn to unusual, exciting treasures and wanted to open a store that would truly be a reflection of my tastes.  My love for my store is and always will be, a work in progress, as I am constantly traveling the world seeking out extraordinary, wonderful gifts and home furnishings
My co-workers are more family than sales people. We share the same love and respect for each other as we do for our customers.  Our goal is to make our customers feel as comfortable in our store as they would be coming to our homes for dinner.
If you ever happen to be in Sun Valley Idaho, don’t miss Bellissimo!  If you can’t come to Sun Valley, just go to my Bellissimo website; it’s the next best thing!
Terry Murphy
Please call for more information on our Bridal Registry & Gift Certificates 208.726.0702 or visit our website here.
Hours of Operation: 

10am-6pm Monday - Saturday, 12pm - 5pm Sundays





601 Sun Valley Road
83340 Ketchum , ID
Ph. 208.726.0702