Gilman Contemporary
Feb 1 – Feb 21 all-day
Burn - New Photographs by Tuck Fauntleroy @ Gilman Contemporary | Sun Valley | Idaho | United States
12:00 am
“I like to think of the winter season as a time for the land itself to rest. Zero human activity, the silence of falling snow in one of the most remote places on earth is enchanting and reflective.” -Tuck Fauntleroy Fauntleroy’s focus for his Burn series are wildfire affected regions in Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. They represent a mixed perspective with some images shot aerially and others shot from the ground. Like much if his other work, the aerial images were captured flying over the territory via small single engine airplanes from an open window for an unobstructed lens. Burn is timely and relevant in the current environment of climate change and the proliferation of recent fires across the western US and globally. The massive 1988 Yellowstone fires were a wake-up-call and significant warning of destruction and foreshadowing of the cost of climate events. Warming, drought, and the resulting fires have never been more dangerous. The photographs are careful compositions of positive and negative space while capturing the elegant lines and shapes created by a natural landscape scared by flame. Critical to the series is the the idea of taking something more commonly perceived as unsightly, ...
Gilman Contemporary
Feb 1 – Feb 20 all-day
Harmonic Tension -New Paintings by Thai Mainhard @ Gilman Contemporary | Sun Valley | Idaho | United States
12:00 am
“My work is very emotional by nature. I rely on colors to set the atmosphere and play off of each other like our emotions do inside of us.” -Thai Mainhard Brazilian born painter Thai Mainhard’s practice harnesses her own raw and immediate need to create. Each abstract painting combines expressive mark making with dense blocks of color exploring the opposing forces that make up our lives. Mainhard encounters human nature, exploring happiness, frustration, surprise, connection, spirituality, and overall thinking processing. Each of her works is emotional; it is a lush expression of her inner jungle. Going through a deep internal process, the artist creates artwork that represents human nature’s fragility and opposes it to the robustness of emotions and feelings.
The Argyros
Feb 11 @ 7:30 pm
Philip Glass Ensemble @ The Argyros | Ketchum | Idaho | United States
7:30 pm
The Philip Glass Ensemble will perform Philip Glass’s “Music in Eight Parts” from 1970, thought to be lost, for one of the first times in 50 years, along with selections from Glass’s major works “Koyaanisqatsi,” “Glassworks,” “The Photographer,” and “Einstein on the Beach.” The Philip Glass Ensemble (PGE) comprises the principal performers of the music of Philip Glass. In 1968, Glass founded the PGE in New York City as a laboratory for his music. Its purpose was to develop a performance practice to meet the unprecedented technical and artistic demands of his compositions. In pioneering this approach, the PGE became a creative wellspring for Glass, and its members remain inimitable interpreters of his work.
Stories from the Stage: A Life Well Lived in Musical Theater & Opera! starring Hadleigh Adams @ The Argyros | Ketchum | Idaho | United States
5:30 pm
Signature Salon and Concert starring International Showman of Musical Theater and Opera Hadleigh Adams as he tells and sings “Stories from the Stage: A Life Well Lived in Musical Theater and Opera”. Wine and Hors d’oeuvres 5:30 – 6:20pm Concert 6:30pm
Gautier Capuçon with pianist Jérôme Ducros • An Argyros Original Production @ The Argyros | Ketchum | Idaho | United States
7:30 pm
Attend Gautier’s second winter concert in Sun Valley.  Hear some new and unexpected repertoire for cello and piano from Gautier’s latest album, such as: La Vie en Rose, Danse des Chevaliers, Over the Rainbow, Singin’ in the Rain, South American Getaway, Comme d’ habitude, Mambo, The Humoresque, Nessun Dorma, Amazing Grace – to name just a few – as well as some irresistible favorites from his vast classical repertoire. The Tierney Theater will be staged in a new and unique way for this show. Complimentary cocktails and wine will be served.   Premiere Seats $85.00 Orchestra Seats $50.00 Student Seats $25.00 • please call the Box Office at 208.726.7872 Generously sponsored by our friends The Martine & Dan Drackett Family Foundation”  
Sun Valley Culinary Institute
Mar 1 – Mar 4 all-day
Sun Valley Food & Wine Celebration @ Sun Valley Culinary Institute | Ketchum | Idaho | United States
12:00 am
The Sun Valley Culinary Institute (SVCI) is excited to announce the launch of its first Sun Valley Food & Wine Celebration from March 1 to 4, 2023. This inaugural event supports the school in raising funds to educate, create new career paths, and help sustain the Valley’s restaurant and hospitality community.
The Argyros
Mar 1 @ 7:30 pm
The Moth Mainstage @ The Argyros | Ketchum | Idaho | United States
7:30 pm
Curated events featuring five tellers who develop and shape their stories with The Moth directors. Moth stories are true, as remembered by the storyteller and always told live. Beyond theater, The Moth Mainstage is a community where entertainment and enlightenment merge.
Conrad Tao and Caleb Teicher • Counterpoint @ The Argyros | Ketchum | Idaho | United States
7:30 pm
Counterpoint is the artistic collaboration between pianist Conrad Tao and choreographer/dancer Caleb Teicher, exploring the intersections between their artistic worlds.
The Community Library
Sep 7 – Sep 9 all-day
Annual Ernest Hemingway Seminar @ The Community Library
12:00 am
Literature, lectures, art, discussions, food, and fellowship. Each year, the Ernest Hemingway Seminar focuses on a particular text or theme and its literary and historical context. Save the date for 2023. The Seminar’s theme will be announced Winter 22/23. Learn more at

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