Friesen+Lantz Fine Art
Mar 8 – Mar 31 all-day
Suzanne Hazlett | Moving Heaven & Earth @ Friesen+Lantz Fine Art | Ketchum | Idaho | United States
12:00 am
Friesen+Lantz Fine Art presents a bold new body of work from encaustic artist Suzanne Hazlett. Encaustic painting is a technique dating back to the Greeks, blending fire with wax and pigment to fuse the material with a rigid surface. “I am a rock climber and a stargazer seeking a balance between celestial inspiration and earthly reality,” says Hazlett. “Incorporated in this collection are influences from stone, land formations, skyscapes, and atmosphere, as well as stars and nebulae.” “This is a rare body of work in an artist’s career—one that unequivocally marks a dramatic expansion in their craft and the beginning of an exciting chapter,” Friesen+Lantz Owner/Director Yanna Lantz says. “Hazlett is pushing the boundaries of encaustic in her inventive forms, incredible depth and combinations of colors that transport viewers to another realm.” For more information, please visit our website at www.
The Community Library
Mar 28 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
“I Know Who You Are”: DNA Sleuthing with Barbara-Rae Venter @ The Community Library
5:30 pm
For twelve years the Golden State Killer terrorized California, stalking victims and killing without remorse. Then he simply disappeared, for the next forty-four years, until an amateur DNA sleuth opened her laptop. In “I Know Who You Are: How An Amateur DNA Sleuth Unmasked The Golden State Killer And Changed Crime Fighting Forever,” Barbara Rae-Venter reveals how she went from researching her family history as a retiree to hunting for a notorious serial killer—and how she became the nation’s leading authority on investigative genetic genealogy, the most dazzling new crime-fighting weapon to appear in decades. Rae-Venter leads readers on a vivid journey through the many cases she tackled, often starting with little more than a DNA sample. From the first criminal case she ever solved to the search for the Golden State Killer, Rae-Venter shares haunting, often thrilling accounts of how she helped solve some of America’s most chilling cold cases in the span of just three years. “I Know Who You Are” captures both the exhilaration of the moment of discovery and the sheer depth of emotion that lingers around cold cases, informing Rae-Venter’s careful approach to her work. It is a story of relentless curiosity, of constant invention ...
Wood River High School Performing Arts Theater
Apr 16 @ 4:00 pm
Wood River Orchestra Spring 2023 Concert @ Wood River High School Performing Arts Theater
4:00 pm
Join the Wood River Orchestra for its annual Spring concert. Free.
The Community Library
Apr 20 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Navigating Longevity Panel @ The Community Library
1:00 pm
The Senior Connection’s Aging Friendly Committee presents the Navigating Longevity Speaker Series. Speakers include Dr. Carol Stephens, who will discuss aging and navigating the challenges of dementia, and Ashley Scates, who will provide insights on the legal aspects of aging. Please join us for this presentation with time for questions to follow. Registration recommended.
Learning from Peer Communities: Housing Lessons and Opportunities with Park City, Utah’s Housing Development Manager @ The Community Library
6:00 pm
In 2017, Jason Glidden launched the Affordable Housing Department of Park City as its first Housing Development Manager, focusing on programs to create affordable housing in the Park City area. He spent the previous decade developing programs and projects that help communities thrive as Park City’s Economic Development and Business Development Manager. Jason holds a master’s in business administration. In many respects, the Park City area is a peer community and as such has similar struggles. Jason will describe these struggles and successes, what makes resort communities’ housing challenges unique, and what solutions and tools work well there. One such solution is deed-restricting housing units to people who live and/or work in the area and by income – which can be accomplished with a range of tools. Other initiatives include public-private partnerships to further housing development, land management code amendments, and a seasonal employee housing program. Jason Glidden will be joined by Carissa Connelly, Housing Director of the City of Ketchum. Ketchum is implementing its year-one Housing Action Plan adopted May 2022, which includes many actions that mirror Park City’s efforts. This program will be livestreamed and available to watch later. In collaboration with the Spur Community Foundation.
The Community Library
May 18 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Reader's Corner with Bob Kustra @ The Community Library
6:00 pm
Bob Kustra, the host of “Reader’s Corner” on Boise State Public Radio, will join us for an evening to discuss his interviews and their issues and ideas that matter today. “Reader’s Corner” is a weekly radio show and podcast hosted by Boise State University President Emeritus & Professor of Public Service Bob Kustra. The show features lively conversations with leading writers, including many winners of top literary prizes and best-selling authors. Register online to save your seat.
Rodney Smith Retrospective with Paul Martineau, Curator of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum @ Gilman Contemporary | Sun Valley | Idaho | United States
5:00 pm
Join us along with Paul Martineau, Curator of Photographs at the J. Paul Getty Museum and Leslie Smolan, Executive Director of the Rodney Smith Estate, in celebrating the release of Rodney Smith: A Leap of Faith published by Getty Publications. Born in New York City, Rodney Smith (1947-2016) developed his extraordinary eye over the course of 4 decades. Starting his career as a photo-essayist he found his stride with portrait photography which led to his greatest art in fashion photography. His sophisticated compositions and stylish characters exist in a timeless world of grand, romantic scenes with quiet allure while also reflecting his innate playfulness with whimsical and surreal visual twists. “Taking photographs was my way of reconciling the mundane with the ideal, of reconciling my fears, and shifting from anxious loner to participant. It was with my camera that I began to find intimacy.” – Rodney Smith Pictured & On View in Galley: Don Jumping Over Hay Roll No. 1, Monkton, Maryland, 1999, acquired by the Getty in 2021

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