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Sun Valley: A Spiritual Vortex

There’s a certain magnetism to Sun Valley, a pull that draws in people from all walks of life. People come to vacation here for a few days and decide to move here. Celebrities, athletes, chefs, artists, and all manner of passionate people are drawn to this special place. The reason, according to Life Purpose Shaman, the owner of the Crystal Healing Room in Ketchum, is a positive energy vortex at the center of Sun Valley which she discovered 25 years ago. Shaman has had 30-plus years of experience healing, including receiving mentoring from Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama. Shaman explains how and why she came to Sun Valley and the impact of the vortex on the energy of our town and its inhabitants.

What originally brought you to Sun Valley?

Shaman: Over 25 years ago, I actually saw a vision of the energy and vibration that’s in Sun Valley. I am an intuitive, spiritual healer who connects with the vibration or frequency of the earth’s vortexes. Since I was very young, I’ve studied with many different shamans and healers and spiritual leaders because of my abilities. When I had this vision, I knew it was for a reason. I figured I might as well go there and see what’s going on. I came to Sun Valley and immediately felt the energy of the really solid foundation and frequency that is here. I have a wellness center at Mt. Shasta and I lived with the Hopi tribe in Sedona so I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to vortexes. Over 25 years ago I felt the energy and knew there was a powerful vibration, but because I was raising kids, I knew I needed to wait to come back. About 7 or 8 years ago, it was finally time to come back to Sun Valley and connect with the vibration and frequency.

What makes the Sun Valley vortex different than other spiritual vortexes in the world?

Shaman: With everything going on in the world, our main focus needs to be about us allowing ourselves to connect with foundation. When people come to Sun Valley, they may not understand it and they may not know why they feel the way they do, but it’s because the frequency and energy of Sun Valley is all about stability. It’s about allowing ourselves to connect to the wakening within us, it’s about grounding, because Sun Valley’s vortex is truly connected to the root chakra, which is all about foundation. People say Sun Valley has the best fishing, the best hiking, so many amazing wonders that are outdoors, but it’s because the vortex flows through the Valley that they feel that’s it’s so amazing. People say, “I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel like home.” There’s a lot of beautiful places in the world and I’ve traveled the world to the most spiritual places in the world, but Sun Valley’s energy is so much about stability that I’ve made it my home; it has a completely different vibe that helps to complete balance in someone.

Is all of Sun Valley the vortex or is it somewhere more specifically?

Shaman: There are a couple vortexes in Sun Valley, but I have been very quiet for many years about it until recently, keeping this place a secret because it wasn’t time for this specific vortex to allow itself to become really recognized. Sun Valley to me is kind of a last little secret place. There are three specific locations in the Sun Valley area though.

What does having a vortex mean for Sun Valley?

Shaman: The reason people become drawn to it is the feeling of balance and being grounded. You sit there and wonder, Why is Sun Valley so special? Why do we have high-profile people and celebrities that come and live in Sun Valley? They’re drawn to it because those chosen people who have come to live here feel that vibration, that frequency of balance and peace. That feeling is because their root chakra is being balanced. You feel home when you’re in Sun Valley, whether you have one home, two homes, three homes. It brings peace within people’s soul and spirit. It’s an energy everyone benefits from—it feels like a warm hug.

Did the vortex exist before 25 years ago? Will it disappear?

Shaman: It’s kind of like a volcano—it first started allowing itself to come to the surface 25 years ago. There are more vortexes starting to pop up in different places and they do change. If it gets sucked out, the vortex starts to empty. When vortexes become empty and drawn out, they sink back in and other ones pop up and allow themselves to become awakened and new.

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