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Not Bad. Friends Who Make Art and Other Awesomeness

Chatham Baker (L) and Andy McCabe (R) Twist and Pout outside Ochi for their "Not Bad" exhibition.


Around these parts you can get a lot of action in before the sun sets for the day. It was a dream-like Friday and it felt like we all had senioritis all over again.  Staring out the window at work, the 5 o'clock whistle could not come early enough.  When it rang we went straight to the garages, grabbed the dirt bikes, geared up and took off. Within four hours we had covered half of Blaine County's trails and found ourselves walking into Ochi Gallery for our buddies', Chatham and McCabe's, Gallery Debut.

Nate Farrell (Smith Optics Snowboard Team Manager) and the infinitely entertaining Chris Johnston


DJ Zeb? Anything is possible, my friends continue to amaze me.


Walking into the gallery the world could not have changed more dramatically in the matter of a few steps.  From the woods to the refined space of Ochi Gallery, it was like taking a shower in light and art. Zeb was spinning (I didn't even know he had yet another talent) and outside an unlikely group of troubadours picked endlessly through a broad swath of covers from country western to punk.

It was a full house inside, and the tricky organizers put the beers way in the way back which made for a lot of socializing to get a cold can of cheap refreshment.


McCabe and his work with his gorgeous and always smiling bride, Kathleen. Andy's featured work was an amazing selection of locally relevant studies in typography and color.


Andy McCabe is Smith Optic's graphic designer and in his spare time he explores Idaho roots signage and typography, laying it down with an amazing ability to find compositions which we all really love and get a little nostalgic over.  He filled an entire wall with humor and history which brought the gallery to life.

Two not-numbskulls. Chatham and his silver marker pointillism.


Chatham Baker's displayed works featured a unique use of Krink markers to create detailed pointillism-style graphics of iconic western images like skulls and eagles.  It took me almost the entire night to get around the entire gallery and take it all in. When you consider that each of these two men balance family life and full time jobs and are still able to create such a large collection of art, it becomes even more impressive.

Chatham Baker, Smith Optics Art Director blew me away.


McCabe had some automatic fans as well as apparently some signs which corresponded.


Nothing says artist like a 1980's VW Cabrio.


It was a night when you realize how Sun Valley stands out from a lot of other western mountain towns in its diversity of talents and community.  With an incredible backdrop of outdoor distractions, a vibrant artist colony teems just below the surface.  It is a place where you can realize your dreams while living a life that is richer than most.  We are blessed and the respect for what we have here in people was burned into my mind as I made my way home for the night.  Cheers and well done men!    

Photos: Ray Gadd

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