“As I see it” A One-Woman Performance by Mary Mott

Wed, Mar 15th, 4:00pm - 5:00pm

4:00pm - 5:00pm

2 weeks ago

The Community Library

The Community Library

Mary Mott observes. Reflects. Questions.

She writes about things we don’t usually talk about or consider. But she does. She peels away the layers revealing a self that is vulnerable. Unsure. But willing to be the brunt of any issue she stumbles into. And there are many.

What does it feel like to be female now? After 60? What will our children remember of us? Why living in the middle can get us stuck. What an empty house tells us. Grief.

Mary Mott has performed four one-woman shows covering various aspects of her life. Her shows, writings and podcasts can be found on her website: marymottwrites.com. She started writing in college and quickly moved into the advertising business in New York and San Francisco for over twenty-five years. After moving to the Wood River Valley she wrote a column for the local paper originally called “Mindsoup,” and co-hosted a weekly radio show.

This show, “As I see it”, will be a concoction of observations, musings, stories and readings. Please join us. Bring a friend. Run time is one hour. The performance will be livestreamed and recorded.

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