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24hrs with a Local: 5b Fruit’s Katja Peller, February

Wellness-focused couple Parker Morris and Katja Peller have taken their passions and turned them into two thriving businesses, 5B Fruit and 5B Floatation. After hiking Baldy on a hot summer day, the two were craving a healthy smoothie. Not finding one that satisfied them, the two opened what they thought would be a small smoothie stand and turned it into the popular shop it is today. While their days are busy behind the counter at 5B making delicious smoothies and bowls, they still have time to enjoy raising chickens and their dogs Tilly and Garth on their farm south of Bellevue where they’ll be getting married this summer. Learn how Katja spends the perfect day in Sun Valley!

How does your perfect day start? Coffee/breakfast somewhere? Easy morning at home?

Katja: Usually, mornings start very early to make sure things are taken care of around the farm. The drive from my house to Ketchum is about 40 minutes so I listen to a podcast to start the day off. Then I stop at Lizzy’s on my way into town. A day can’t start and is not complete without a cup of coffee. My favorite way to start the day is enjoying the view of the mountains outside of Lizzy’s while I wait for my coffee. If I have time for breakfast, my favorite spot to hit is The Kneadery. It is a favorite pastime for me. Growing up here it was the place we went to before skiing with the family.

After breakfast, what’s next? Shopping in town? Skiing or something outdoors?

Katja: If it is a weekend and I have free time, I would head up to Baldy to go skiing either with Parker or friends! During the week, I head straight to 5B Fruit after grabbing a cup of coffee.

Where would you go for your perfect lunch? Invite friends, family?

Katja: If it’s a weekend and I get to go skiing, my favorite place to hit is Johnny G’s for a sub.

What does your ideal afternoon look like? Something active? Something restful? Happy hour?

Katja: My favorite way to spend an afternoon is going to yoga for a 5:30pm class at Gather Yoga Studio. It’s a great way to wrap up a day, especially after a busy day at 5B Fruit! It’s the part of my day when I get to slow down and do something for myself. I usually go with a few girlfriends—the perfect way to do something active together in the evening!

Where would you go for dinner?

Katja: For dinner in Ketchum, The Covey or Saffron are two of my all-time favorite places to go. The Covey always has something unique to offer and nothing beats homemade pasta. Saffron is a great place to have great conversation with friends while enjoying some of their homemade masala chai.

Anything after dinner? Drinks, movie, hot springs, home?

Katja: Sun Valley Wine Company is my go-to for a place to grab a drink & chat for the ultimate girl’s night. If I need to head south after work, I also love popping into Zou 75 in Hailey to grab a cocktail.

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