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24 Hours with a Local: Fit Me SV’s Kathryn Caminiti

A Ketchum local, Kathryn Caminiti (aka Kat) moved back to the Valley three years ago from Newport Beach, California, looking to get back to her small-town roots in the town she grew up in and where her parents and many of her friends still live. She began dabbling in pilates, eventually becoming certified and teaching classes at Zenergy before opening her own pilates studio, Fit Me SV, in March 2024. Kat envisioned not only having a dedicated pilates studio in Sun Valley, but one that taught classes that blended all the elements of her favorite workout classes into one: pilates, yoga, barre, spin, and Lagree. Already, in the short time the studio has been open, it’s been a hit, with her hiring on new instructors and herself teaching fifteen classes a week. Kat, who lives in west Ketchum with her boyfriend, Griffin, is just as active in her free time, spending it hiking, playing tennis, riding her bike, and rock climbing. Of course, she enjoys her downtime as well, whether that’s going to the symphony and dining on a charcuterie board, laying by the river or pool, or just chilling with friends. Check out Kat’s perfect July day in Sun Valley!

How does your morning start?

Kat: First thing I do is wake up and wash my face with cold water to really wake me up. After doing my skin care routine, I go downstairs, open the blinds, and make coffee—I’m a drip, black coffee gal with a splash of half and half. Then I hop on the computer, check anything urgent in my inbox.

My favorite way to start the day is waking up early, before 8, and meeting a friend for a hike. My favorite hike so far has been Greenhorn; it’s super green and overgrown.

What’s next for your morning?

Kat: After about an hour-long hike with a friend, I’d come back to town and stop by Lizzie’s to get an iced latte—I love caffeine. Then I’d head to my pilates studio to teach a couple classes.

What’s midday like?

Kat: Then I start to get hungry, so I’d head to Ginger Sweet and get the Fit Me smoothie—I made my own. It’s got collagen protein powder, almond butter, half a banana, dates, spinach, maca powder, cinnamon, coconut water, and cocoa nibs. It’s super yummy. I’d grab one and say hi to Mackenzie and Travis in there.

Then I’d walk to the farmer’s market and check out their fresh produce. If there’s a sweet treat, like the perfect chocolate chip cookie, I’d grab that. There’s nothing better than a cookie and a smoothie.

What’s your afternoon like?

Kat: I’ll do some work stuff: check emails, respond to customers, schedule social media posts for my business. I’m really into tennis right now, so I’d meet my friend Kayla for a private lesson on the courts at Sun Valley for about an hour, then hang by the pool and tan, read my book, and get some sunshine. By then, it’s ideal to pick up a late lunch to bring to the pool: a 6” Hoka from Johnny G’s and some fresh watermelon from the farmer’s market. Then it’s time to go home, shower, and recoup in the shade.

What’s for dinner?

Kat: I love to get dinner at Sushi on Second and have some fresh fish because it’s super close to the movie theater, and I’ve been loving going to the movies lately and getting a big popcorn and a diet coke with some girlfriends. That or going to the Covey with some girlfriends and getting a bunch of plates and all sharing; all four of their pastas are my favorite and I can’t choose. Then I’d probably meet Griffin at the Warfield and visit some friends who work there for a cocktail or mocktail. I think they have some of the best mocktails in town, and so does the Covey. Then I’d end the night at home, watching an episode of TV, and going to bed at a reasonable time.

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