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The Guide to Sun Valley’s Breweries, Distilleries & Wine Establishments

After a long day in Sun Valley, whether spent hiking, biking, or skiing, there’s nothing like a good drink with some friends. While we’re no Boulder or Bend, Sun Valley holds its own with breweries producing craft beer. Ketchum and Hailey are also home to a distillery producing several types of liquor as well as a handful of establishments known for their excellent wine selections. We’ve compiled a guide to finding Sun Valley’s best breweries, distilleries and wine establishments. For Brews & Spirits Warfield Distillery and Brewery Ketchum’s only distillery, the Warfield is a one-stop powerhouse with on-site brewery, distillery, and restaurant with an ever-rotating modern American menu. For beer, the Warfield has 14 originals as well as some beers in rotation. True to historical methods of brewing, the Warfield heats their mash with fire and bring malt in and out of the brewery by hand. The Warfield’s distillery also produces small-batch, handmade liquors. Joining the lineup of vodka, gin, and brandy is their own American Whiskey. Distilled in a 215-gallon copper pot, these liquors are imbued with full flavors unique to this distillery. The Warfield is in the process of expanding their operations to increase production of their beer …

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What We’re Made Of: Hempitecture – Two Entrepreneurs and Forbes’ “30 Under 30”

Sun Valley has held its own over the years as a home to burgeoning entrepreneurs and start-ups. Joining the ranks of locally-made brands like Smith and Scott, Hempitecture is making a splash on the building industry with their hempcrete building material. And not only has the company been making strides in using their material to build new buildings across the nation, founder and CEO Mattie Mead was recently named one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30”.  Mead began Hempitecture as part of his senior thesis at New York’s Hobart College where he was studying architecture and environmental studies. His thesis explored more sustainable ways of building and drew upon existing examples that use vernacular (true to place) architecture like adobe in the southwest. His research eventually brought him to the UK and France where builders use hempcrete, a construction material made from hemp. It was a light bulb moment for the senior who, in addition to the thesis, was inspired to create the start-up that would become Hempitecture.  It was 2012 then and industrial hemp was still federally illegal and on the Controlled Substances Act. Despite these odds, Mead was driven. “I just knew there was this opportunity that was missing from …