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Sun Valley Mountain Bike Advocate – Adrian Montgomery

Let me tell you a secret about Sun Valley’s mountain bike scene: it’s kind of fun to fly under the radar. It’s not that we don’t love sharing our trails (we do) and it’s not that we aren’t proud of what we have (we are), but there’s something cool about being that place that people whisper about in hushed tones. And for the last decade, says local mountain bike advocate Adrian Montgomery, mountain bikers, in particular, have been whispering to each other on the trail, “Hey, have you been to Sun Valley?” The Sun Valley area has over 400 miles of singletrack (300-plus of which are accessible from downtown Ketchum), two closed-loop pump parks, over 40 miles of multi-use graded trails, and lift-serviced downhill mountain biking on Sun Valley Resort’s Bald Mountain. The trails range in difficulty from beginner to extreme, but they all have two things in common: they won’t be crowded, and you won’t be able to get enough of them. At least that is how Montgomery, a consultant at Ketchum-based CrankTank and former marketing director at SCOTT Sports and, felt when he first landed in Sun Valley in 2004. “After six years of traveling for the …

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Ketchum’s Coffee Culture

Dubbed the “best city in America for coffee lovers,” Berkeley, California, boasts one café per 2,073 people. We hate to steal your thunder, Berkeley, but with roughly one coffee shop for every 580 people (calculated on a coffee-stained napkin, no less), we think we have you beat.  When you’re in Sun Valley, you’ll never have to worry about where your next dose of caffeine is coming from. Whether you’re on the hunt for that perfect latte to kickstart your morning or need a spot to hunker down and catch up on work emails, we invite you to explore Ketchum’s coffee culture. Maude’s Coffee and Clothes 391 Walnut Avenue, Ketchum For that “hang with the locals” vibe head to Maude’s Coffee and Clothes. Maude’s serves locally-roasted organic coffee and espresso drinks alongside tea, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and pastries. The atmosphere at Maude’s is lively, so grab a table and catch up with a friend. When you’re done with your drink, wander through Maude’s “closet,” a clothing retailer that offers vintage and contemporary pieces. Java on Fourth 191 4th Street West, Ketchum Java on Fourth might well be considered an institution in Ketchum’s coffee culture and is known for its rich, deeply flavorful drinks. The …

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How to Maximize Your Dollar in Sun Valley This Summer

At the time, Sun Valley has the perception of being too expensive to enjoy. But like anything in life, there are usually affordable or free ways to find a good time, even especially in Sun Valley. And while we’re not saying you’re a dirtbag, the following are tips on how to live the most…money averse couple of days in Sun Valley in the summer. Getting Here Flying directly into Hailey’s Friedman Memorial Airport can be pricey over the 4th of July week but there are often deals run at various points throughout the year. We recommend checking out our Getting Here page or scoping for your best and most affordable options. Flying into Boise or Twin Falls and renting a car is also a viable route. Places to Stay Summer is full of inexpensive or free options to stay, the cheapest being camping. There are campsites out Sun Valley Road at both Boundary Campground, a traditional campground with bathroom facilities and grills that costs $10/night. This is a great spot as it is located close enough to town to bike if you’re really looking to cut costs. North of town by the SNRA is the North Fork Campgrounds for $16/night and have water and bathroom facilities. …

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Sun Valley Resort Partnership With the Epic Pass

What the EPIC pass means for skiing and snowboarding at Sun Valley Resort