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Lava Lake Institute for Science & Conservation

The Lava Lake Institute for Science & Conservation works to accomplish conservation and increase understanding of the wildlife and ecosystems of the Pioneer Mountains - Craters of the Moon region. In addition to supporting various research projects, the Institute serves as fiscal agent for the Wood River Wolf Project and the Lava Lake Injured Veterans Equine Program.

Wood River Wolf Project

The Wood River Wolf Project is a collaborative of conservation organizations, ranching operations, and county, state and federal agencies working together to use proactive, nonlethal deterrents to minimize livestock and wolf conflicts. Since 2008, the Wood River Wolf Project has been helping Blaine County ranchers implement nonlethal strategies to successfully reduce livestock losses and protect native wildlife. Learn about the work of the Wood River Wolf Project and see how you can help by visiting and the Project's Facebook Page

Lava Lake Injured Veterans Equine Program

Since 2012, the Lava Lake Injured Veterans Equine (“the LIVE Program") has offered injured veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States a rare opportunity to experience the benefits of equine therapy in a wilderness setting. Accompanied by their Veterans Administration therapists, veterans travel to Lava Lake Ranch where they ride horses and camp on a working ranch and in the backcountry for seven days.  In the past five years the program has served women and men living with traumatic brain injury, PTSD, military sexual trauma and other physical and psychological challenges. Past participants have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf, and Vietnam. To learn more, please visit

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Lava Lake Institute for Science & Conservation


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