Sun Valley

Sun Valley, Idaho: A Home for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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Words: Sara Sheehy

Sun Valley has long been an incubator for fostering a special breed of creativity and innovation. From the founding of Sun Valley Resort to the entrepreneurs pushing the limits of outdoor apparel and gear, this small valley high in the mountains has been shaping the face of adventure sport and beyond for decades.

The Innovative History of Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley was built with a true entrepreneur’s spirit from the get-go. While it started as a rough and tumble mining town, the Valley took shape with the Union Pacific Railroad and two men: Averill Harriman and Count Felix Schaffgotsch.

Harriman was working for the Union Pacific Railroad during the Lake Placid Olympics of 1932. As skiing grew in popularity, he saw the opportunity for a European-style ski resort in the United States. Harriman commissioned Count Felix Schaffgotsch to comb the West in … Read More »

Idaho Craft Beer Month – Sun Valley Style

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Idaho is rich in all things beer from the finest of ingredients to the beloved finished product. Idaho Brewers United and Idaho Tourism took it upon themselves to pay tribute to the flourishing beer culture in the state by dedicating April as the official Idaho Craft Beer Month. While we may be small here in Sun Valley, we have plenty to be proud of when it comes to contributing to Idaho’s beer pride. We’ve put together a few ways to maximize the Idaho Beer Month experience in Sun Valley and beyond.

Fun Idaho Beer Facts

Sun Valley patron, Ernest Hemingway, loved a good beer after fighting a really big fish.
Idaho is ranked 10th in the U.S. for breweries per capita according to the Brewers Association.
In 2015, Idaho was ranked as the 2nd highest producer of barley in the nation and 3rd in hops production.
Idaho has over 50 breweries.
The Wood … Read More »

9 Epic Trail Runs in Sun Valley, Idaho

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The hundreds of miles of trails in and around Sun Valley are a well known to hikers and mountain bikers. Sun Valley has an embarrassing wealth of buttery singletrack, incredible views, and uncrowded trailheads. If you’re inclined to hit the trail in running shoes instead of hiking boots, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re after a scenic cruise or a high elevation training run to punish your lungs and legs, look no further than these nine epic trail runs in Sun Valley.

Trail Runs Under 4.5 Miles

White Clouds Loop

Best For: Runners Staying at the Sun Valley Lodge
Distance: 4 Mile Loop
Location: Sun Valley

The White Clouds Loop offers trail runners gentle climbs, a great view of Baldy, and a fast ending on a paved bike path. Begin at the trailhead across the street from Sun Valley Lodge. Climb the switchbacks on the Valley … Read More »

Best Early Season Mountain Bike Rides in Sun Valley

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Five months of snow-induced activities tend to leave one yearning for change. When the temperatures jump in to the 60’s here in Sun Valley, an eagerness to mix up the daily routine sweeps the town. This is a biking community after all and the first chance to hop on those beautiful two-wheeled mechanical devices is met with open arms. Nevermind the ghostly white legs, extra winter weight, creaking bike parts and dismal Strava times, it’s all about embracing the first glimpse of spring.

The early season can prove to be a tricky time for single track riding. Snowy, muddy conditions tend to keep the trails a bit of a guessing game as to what is rideable (don’t be that guy/girl tearing it up in the mud).  The BCRD (Blaine County Recreation District) Summer Trail Link does a fantastic job of delivering up-to-date reports on trail closures … Read More »

Destination Sun Valley: A Mountain Collective Experience

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With the recent addition of Sun Valley to the Mountain Collective pass, skiers and snowboarders across North America have been pulling the trigger and venturing out to explore a place they’ve heard whispers of. Mat Rick, currently living in New York City, was one such snowboarder. He knew the Sun Valley name but lacked the full story. We invited Mat to provide a little show and tell on his recent Mountain Collective experience with an adventure out to Sun Valley, Idaho.

Words & photos by Mat Rick

Destination Sun Valley

I decided to pick up the Mountain Collective pass this year and try out a few new resorts I’ve never been to. At the top of my list? Sun Valley, Idaho. The snow is killer this year and I’d also been dying to see the town where Hemingway made his home at the end of his days.

The Town

Ketchum … Read More »

5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana

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The toughest thing about writing this post is to keep the list to five! One trip here is all it will take for you to understand our dilemma. In no particular order, here are our top 5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana.

1. The Views!

Yup — they are everywhere. Stick close to town and you will have the ever-present view of our beloved Baldy. That is, until you turn and face the other direction–and then you may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. And chances are, you will have all of this to yourself.

2. The trails…all 200km of them!

Not only do we have 40km of trails right in town, there are another 160km just outside of town. From the undulating trails at the Sun Valley Resort to the up, down and around trails at Galena to … Read More »

Mountain Collective Road Trip

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Ahh, the coveted Mountain Collective Pass, your golden ticket to skiing some of the best resorts in the world, two days at a time for one mighty reasonable rate. The perks associated with the $409* price tag should make pulling the credit card out easier than grabbing the first round of après drinks. The only buyer’s remorse that might be associated with the purchase is figuring out which ski hill to hit first. With ten top-rated destinations spread throughout North America and another four scattered around various other reaches of the world, pinpointing stop #1 can be a daunting task. Not to worry though, we’ve laid out the perfect Mountain Collective road trip that will drop you into a diverse range of jaw-dropping, close-proximity terrain while at the same time giving you the best bang for your buck.

Tucked in the heart of the intermountain west lies a primo trifecta of adjacent ski resorts worthy of being at the top or your Mountain … Read More »

Riding the Lupine Flow Trail on Bald Mountain

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Words & Photos: Ray J. Gadd

While the notion of growing tired of the trails around Sun Valley may be hard to fathom, many of us find ourselves in a rut of revisiting the same go-to routes time and time again. We fall back on the comforts of familiarity to avoid thinking out of the box and enduing the slim possibility of a disappointing ride. It can be a daunting habit to ditch but one that most certainly should be abandoned for the greater good of your biking well-being.

Fortunately, there is a saving grace here in the Valley beckoning to pull you from your stagnant routine. The Sun Valley Resort spent some quality time sculpting out a delightful creation, the Lupine flow trail. This nearly pedal free traverse delivers momentum hungry banked turns, wheelie-friendly rollers and jaw-dropping views. Accessed via the upper Broadway trail, Lupine meanders effortlessly across the famed bowls … Read More »

FLY FISHING in SUN VALLEY, ID – The Ultimate Guide

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Words: Brett Wilson // Photos: Ray J. Gadd

ASK A TRAVELING FLY FISHER their favorite North American trout destination and they’ll likely spill about drift boating the majesty of Montana’s Big Sky country, wading the tumbling pools of Colorado’s steep freestones, or spey casting the sweeps of Oregon’s coastal rivers. Ask that traveling fly fisher where they can find all these opportunities in one location, and they may struggle to answer. That is — of course — if they’ve never been to Sun Valley.

The Sun Valley area offers an incredible diversity of fly fishing opportunities for everyone from the casual novice to the ambitious expert. Time to buy a stack of postcards for Mom, because you’ll have plenty of fish stories to tell after wading our local waters.




Big Wood River: The local freestone

The fabled Big Wood … Read More »

9 Events to Help You Get the Best Out of Sun Valley this Summer

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HERE’S THE DEAL: Summertime in Sun Valley, Idaho, is beautifully chaotic. The super long sunny days coupled with all the different events going on create a kind of raucous energy that blankets the valley all season long. The problem — and believe me, it’s what you’d call a “champagne problem” — is there’s so much happening in any given week or weekend that deciding what to do can quickly become an exercise in the paradox of choice.

Do you want to play 36 holes of golf and then go to the symphony and an ice show? Or hike to a crystal-clear mountain lake with your dog before a yoga class, then dance your face off at a free outdoor concert in the park? Maybe you want go for a mountain bike ride, swim in the river, and have a beer on … Read More »