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Photos and words: Ray Gadd Photography

Après is hands down every ski town’s favorite French word.  In Sun Valley it is taken quite seriously and the options to properly revel in the glory of a day in the mountains can be an overwhelming bounty.  After you’ve skied or snowboarded yourself into a crumple of sore legs and blissfully glowing cheeks, your inner Frenchman/woman comes out and you find the magnetism of the bar calling your name, ski boots and all.  While one may see après skiing a merely an afternoon bronzing booze-fest, it is in fact time honored tradition as culturally significant as sitting for an espresso after visiting a museum digesting in conversation that which one has witnessed.  Just like in art, as skier’s and snowboarders, “it” basically didn’t happen if you didn’t sit around afterwords and recount it over cocktails, beers, … Read More »

El Niño Winter Stoke

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El Niño or as Chris Farley referred to in simpler terms as, “The Niño“, brought about a mixed bag of early season predictions from meteorologists far and wide. Skiers and boarders throughout the west became overnight skeptics serving up their own myriad of prophesied forecasts as to whether it would be a lack luster winter or flashback to being like the “good old days”. At the end of the day, no one could put any weight behind their hunches for what the 2015/2016 season would bring.

Fast forward to the first actual day of winter and we have a bit of empirical data to suggest that this El Niño is coming through huge, bringing those good old days back to Sun Valley. As of December 22nd, Bald Mountain has seen nearly 7 feet of crowd-pleasing snowfall. We’re savoring all-time conditions that have opened up access to certain terrain … Read More »

Mountain Collective Road Trip

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Ahh, the coveted Mountain Collective Pass, your golden ticket to skiing some of the best resorts in the world, two days at a time for one mighty reasonable rate. The perks associated with the $409* price tag should make pulling the credit card out easier than grabbing the first round of après drinks. The only buyer’s remorse that might be associated with the purchase is figuring out which ski hill to hit first. With ten top-rated destinations spread throughout North America and another four scattered around various other reaches of the world, pinpointing stop #1 can be a daunting task. Not to worry though, we’ve laid out the perfect Mountain Collective road trip that will drop you into a diverse range of jaw-dropping, close-proximity terrain while at the same time giving you the best bang for your buck.

Tucked in the heart of the intermountain west lies a primo trifecta of adjacent ski resorts worthy of being at the top or your Mountain … Read More »

A Winter of #SeekSunValley in 80 Instagram Photos From Our Fans

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Sometime around December 1, we started asking our fans and followers what it was that they sought. Adrenaline, adventure, camaraderie, serenity, pristine beauty, family: the things that make a life worth living, knowing that the one place where you can find all of this is here in Sun Valley.  We had over 2,000 photos posted with the #SeekSunValley hashtag and as the season wrapped up this past weekend we thought we would put a little highlight gallery together as a small retrospective on a fantastic season.  Thank you to all of you for your photos and enthusiasm this winter.  We will keep going with more #SeekSunValley this summer so don’t stop sharing the love!

Hot Laps in the Cold Smoke

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Photos: Reggie Crist Stellar Adventure Media

Anyone who has stood atop Bald Mountain on a winter day has likely taken in the 360 degree panorama and fantasized skiing one of the hundreds of mountains that dot the horizon.  Five mountain ranges cut the skyline in jagged peaks, and often, I have watched people stand and stare, tracing lines in the sky with their ski pole or gloved finger dreaming.  More often, I have been that person.

Earning turns the old fashioned way, one slogging skin track at a time, is how the original skiers to Sun Valley carved their way across the landscape, but today there exists a magic carpet ride to blower pow paradise, Sun Valley Heliskiing.  Occasionally lottery tickets turn up winners, and as luck would have it mine finally came in.  I am going to do the best I can to … Read More »

11 Ski Experiences You Can Only Have in Sun Valley

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1. Tailgate in the same parking lot as ski-film icon Warren Miller.

Ten years after the installation of the first ski lift, a young buck by the name of Warren Miller parted ways with the US Navy, packed his 8mm film camera, and hauled a teardrop trailer to the mountains of Idaho in pursuit of the ski-bum dream. Today that same essence lives on, and while you may find fewer diehards living out of their cars these days, the ski stoke vibe that Miller was so captivated by can still be found at Sun Valley’s River Run Lodge, and stories of “how deep it really was” are still told on the tailgate over a cold Coors Banquet beer. Bring a six-pack to share and feel it for yourself.


2. Cross-country ski the US Olympic training grounds.

There are … Read More »