Idaho Craft Beer Month – Sun Valley Style

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Idaho is rich in all things beer from the finest of ingredients to the beloved finished product. Idaho Brewers United and Idaho Tourism took it upon themselves to pay tribute to the flourishing beer culture in the state by dedicating April as the official Idaho Craft Beer Month. While we may be small here in Sun Valley, we have plenty to be proud of when it comes to contributing to Idaho’s beer pride. We’ve put together a few ways to maximize the Idaho Beer Month experience in Sun Valley and beyond.

Fun Idaho Beer Facts

Sun Valley patron, Ernest Hemingway, loved a good beer after fighting a really big fish.
Idaho is ranked 10th in the U.S. for breweries per capita according to the Brewers Association.
In 2015, Idaho was ranked as the 2nd highest producer of barley in the nation and 3rd in hops production.
Idaho has over 50 breweries.
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