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Photos and words: Ray Gadd Photography

Après is hands down every ski town’s favorite French word.  In Sun Valley it is taken quite seriously and the options to properly revel in the glory of a day in the mountains can be an overwhelming bounty.  After you’ve skied or snowboarded yourself into a crumple of sore legs and blissfully glowing cheeks, your inner Frenchman/woman comes out and you find the magnetism of the bar calling your name, ski boots and all.  While one may see après skiing a merely an afternoon bronzing booze-fest, it is in fact time honored tradition as culturally significant as sitting for an espresso after visiting a museum digesting in conversation that which one has witnessed.  Just like in art, as skier’s and snowboarders, “it” basically didn’t happen if you didn’t sit around afterwords and recount it over cocktails, beers, … Read More »

15 Things You Must Do in Sun Valley This Winter

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Words: Gabe Schroder

Sun Valley, ID is America’s original winter playground for good reason. A foundation built around the classic ski vibe was just the beginning of things. Now in its 81st winter, Sun Valley has come leaps and bounds in diversifying itself beyond the traditional lift-accessed roots. An intense struggle can overwhelm those with extreme F.O.M.O. or indecisive tendencies when choosing between the plethora of activities. To help you along, we’ve narrowed down the list down to highlight our top 15 things you must do in Sun Valley this winter. Whether you are up for a grand adventure outdoors, or prefer a mellower pace around town, there’s bound to be something to match your cadence. Here are a few of our favorites–feel free to mix and match to create your ideal Sun Valley getaway.

Push Your Limits

1.  Skiing on Bald Mountain “Baldy”: It’s no secret that the behemoth of a … Read More »

Experience the Magic of Galena Lodge

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words & photos: Sara Sheehy

I envy all those who get to experience the magic of Galena Lodge for the first time. Located 23 miles north of Ketchum, Galena Lodge is the last remains of a once thriving mining town. The miners have long gone but thanks to engaged community members in the early 1990’s, Galena heritage as an adventure outpost thrives on.

The trip to Galena Lodge begins with the beautiful drive north on Highway 75. Numerous turnouts along the road serve up welcomed opportunities to stop and admire the snowcapped ridges and foothills of the Boulder and Smoky mountains. Amidst the dramatic scenery, Nordic skiers can be seen racing up and down the groomed 30 kilometer long, Harriman Trail. Home to the Boulder Mountain Tour, this area snakes along the side the headwaters of the Big Wood River.

Galena Lodge will come in … Read More »

9 Off Mountain Winter Activities to do in Sun Valley, Idaho

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Words & Photos: Sara Sheehy

Sun Valley is a mecca for the alpine skier or snowboarder: epic vertical decent, uncrowded trails and brilliant blue skies. But don’t be tricked into thinking the mountain is the only place to spend a winter day. We’ve compiled nine winter activities for a perfect day off the slopes.

Strap on a Pair of Snowshoes: Strap on a pair of snowshoes in Sun Valley and the winter wonderland will be transformed into your oyster. Check out the trails at Galena Lodge or the Sun Valley Nordic Center for a taste of winter wonderland. Packed trails not your style? Blaze your own path in a side canyon (check out Lake Creek and Eagle Creek) or gain elevation in the foothills of the Boulder Mountains north of Ketchum. Snowshoe rentals are available at most gear shops in downtown Ketchum, as … Read More »

Idaho Ski Resorts Listed by Vertical Drop and Snowfall

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Idaho Ski Resorts


Ski season is almost here, and Idaho is the place to be if you love cutting through fresh snow on a pair of skis or a snowboard. The state is home to 18 ski resorts, each with its own personality and unique draws. With so many ski resorts to choose from, you’ll be able to enjoy an unforgettable snow season in Idaho.

Explore this Infographic of all Idaho Ski Resorts sorted by vertical drop and includes average annual snowfall and skiable acres.

Sun Valley

Located in central Idaho, Sun Valley was the starting point for Warren Miller who lived and worked at the resort. Sun Valley fulfills its name well. It is known for its sunny days and pleasant temperatures. The resort’s ski runs offer gorgeous scenery and well-groomed trails for skiers of all levels. After a long day on the … Read More »

Winter Recap: 2015 – 2016 Season

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We can’t help but smile thinking back to the 2015-2016 season here in Sun Valley, Idaho. Ask around town what the 2015-2016 winter was like and you’ll undoubtedly hear something along the lines of, “it was the best season in 10 years.” The snow fell fast and early leaving us with stacks of powder days met by never-ending smiles. Sprinkled in-between the storms were iconically beautiful sunny days that seemed to never end. Fat biking, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and a plethora of other activities kept us equally entertained. On-top of it all, we had an exceptional set of events that included the Nordic Festival, Sun Valley Film Festival, U.S. Alpine Championships, and more. All-in-all, the 2015-2016 winter was one for the books and one that we will not soon forget.

We’ve compiled a quick winter recap for your scrolling pleasure. Take a spin … Read More »


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Photos & Words: Ray J. Gadd

Spring in Wood River Valley brings about juxtaposed weather patterns mixing courteous doses of sunshine and thaw inducing temperatures with winter flurries inflated by frigid arctic winds. This intertwined combination of spring & winter can lead to a potentially chaotic outbreak of Spring Activity Anxiety. Symptoms most commonly associated with S.A.A. include: severe indecisiveness, confusion, and obsessive over packing of vehicles with sporting equipment. Patients are urged to remain calm, analyze possible activities, and cram as many said activities as possible in to one day to quell bouts of insanity.

The best part about being in Sun Valley in the Spring is that you can fit a whole smattering of activities in any given day of the week. Take your pick from skiing/snowboarding smile inducing corn snow, chasing sea-run steelhead, lapping 17+ miles of cleared bike paths, sessioning … Read More »

Destination Sun Valley: A Mountain Collective Experience

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With the recent addition of Sun Valley to the Mountain Collective pass, skiers and snowboarders across North America have been pulling the trigger and venturing out to explore a place they’ve heard whispers of. Mat Rick, currently living in New York City, was one such snowboarder. He knew the Sun Valley name but lacked the full story. We invited Mat to provide a little show and tell on his recent Mountain Collective experience with an adventure out to Sun Valley, Idaho.

Words & photos by Mat Rick

Destination Sun Valley

I decided to pick up the Mountain Collective pass this year and try out a few new resorts I’ve never been to. At the top of my list? Sun Valley, Idaho. The snow is killer this year and I’d also been dying to see the town where Hemingway made his home at the end of his days.

The Town

Ketchum … Read More »

5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana

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The toughest thing about writing this post is to keep the list to five! One trip here is all it will take for you to understand our dilemma. In no particular order, here are our top 5 Reasons why Sun Valley is Nordic Skiing Nirvana.

1. The Views!

Yup — they are everywhere. Stick close to town and you will have the ever-present view of our beloved Baldy. That is, until you turn and face the other direction–and then you may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. And chances are, you will have all of this to yourself.

2. The trails…all 200km of them!

Not only do we have 40km of trails right in town, there are another 160km just outside of town. From the undulating trails at the Sun Valley Resort to the up, down and around trails at Galena to … Read More »

El Niño Winter Stoke

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El Niño or as Chris Farley referred to in simpler terms as, “The Niño“, brought about a mixed bag of early season predictions from meteorologists far and wide. Skiers and boarders throughout the west became overnight skeptics serving up their own myriad of prophesied forecasts as to whether it would be a lack luster winter or flashback to being like the “good old days”. At the end of the day, no one could put any weight behind their hunches for what the 2015/2016 season would bring.

Fast forward to the first actual day of winter and we have a bit of empirical data to suggest that this El Niño is coming through huge, bringing those good old days back to Sun Valley. As of December 22nd, Bald Mountain has seen nearly 7 feet of crowd-pleasing snowfall. We’re savoring all-time conditions that have opened up access to certain terrain … Read More »