Sun Valley: Where the Beer and Healthy Initiatives Flow Like Wine

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Words: Jesse Ambrogi-Yanson

SKI towns typically are not synonymous with health. After a full day of shredding we post up for pints, happy hour discounted nachos, and chicken wings. Our mogul-mashing thighs have earned it, right? Après festivities filled with celebratory beers, and Irving’s Hot Dogs are the norm. However, this all shouldn’t overshadow the abundance of healthy initiatives that lie at the core of this Valley. The abundance of wellness oriented events, fitness clubs, spas, and health conscious food resources here in Sun Valley encourage an overwhelming sense of well-being to locals and visitors alike.

Attend the 20th Annual Sun Valley Wellness Festival

A doctor, a priest, a neurosurgeon and a global activist for environmental sustainability walk into a bar. It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but these are just a few of the key speakers at this year’s 20th Annual Wellness Festival, one … Read More »

Sun Valley, Idaho: A Home for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

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Words: Sara Sheehy

Sun Valley has long been an incubator for fostering a special breed of creativity and innovation. From the founding of Sun Valley Resort to the entrepreneurs pushing the limits of outdoor apparel and gear, this small valley high in the mountains has been shaping the face of adventure sport and beyond for decades.

The Innovative History of Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley was built with a true entrepreneur’s spirit from the get-go. While it started as a rough and tumble mining town, the Valley took shape with the Union Pacific Railroad and two men: Averill Harriman and Count Felix Schaffgotsch.

Harriman was working for the Union Pacific Railroad during the Lake Placid Olympics of 1932. As skiing grew in popularity, he saw the opportunity for a European-style ski resort in the United States. Harriman commissioned Count Felix Schaffgotsch to comb the West in … Read More »


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Photos and words: Ray Gadd Photography

Après is hands down every ski town’s favorite French word.  In Sun Valley it is taken quite seriously and the options to properly revel in the glory of a day in the mountains can be an overwhelming bounty.  After you’ve skied or snowboarded yourself into a crumple of sore legs and blissfully glowing cheeks, your inner Frenchman/woman comes out and you find the magnetism of the bar calling your name, ski boots and all.  While one may see après skiing a merely an afternoon bronzing booze-fest, it is in fact time honored tradition as culturally significant as sitting for an espresso after visiting a museum digesting in conversation that which one has witnessed.  Just like in art, as skier’s and snowboarders, “it” basically didn’t happen if you didn’t sit around afterwords and recount it over cocktails, beers, … Read More »

6 Reasons the Sun Valley Film Festival is Better than Sundance

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6 Reasons the Sun Valley Film Festival is Better than Sundance

words by: Sara Sheehy

Sun Valley has been attracting Hollywood darlings since the 1930’s, when Averill Harriman invited his A-list Rolodex to hang out on the slopes of Dollar Mountain. On any given day you might run into Tom Hanks at the Elephant’s Perch or Jodie Foster at Java, but in a few short weeks filmmakers and actors will descend en masse for the Sun Valley Film Festival.

The Sun Valley Film Festival, in its sixth year, has attracted major sponsors and lauded film insiders. So does Sundance, you say? Yeah, we know. But we think we have a few things to set us apart. Come see if we’re right.

Come as Yourself

Filmmakers and movie lovers alike are welcome at the Sun Valley Film Festival. Whether you’re writing your first script, just wrapped … Read More »

15 Things You Must Do in Sun Valley This Winter

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Words: Gabe Schroder

Sun Valley, ID is America’s original winter playground for good reason. A foundation built around the classic ski vibe was just the beginning of things. Now in its 81st winter, Sun Valley has come leaps and bounds in diversifying itself beyond the traditional lift-accessed roots. An intense struggle can overwhelm those with extreme F.O.M.O. or indecisive tendencies when choosing between the plethora of activities. To help you along, we’ve narrowed down the list down to highlight our top 15 things you must do in Sun Valley this winter. Whether you are up for a grand adventure outdoors, or prefer a mellower pace around town, there’s bound to be something to match your cadence. Here are a few of our favorites–feel free to mix and match to create your ideal Sun Valley getaway.

Push Your Limits

1.  Skiing on Bald Mountain “Baldy”: It’s no secret that the behemoth of a … Read More »

Experience the Magic of Galena Lodge

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words & photos: Sara Sheehy

I envy all those who get to experience the magic of Galena Lodge for the first time. Located 23 miles north of Ketchum, Galena Lodge is the last remains of a once thriving mining town. The miners have long gone but thanks to engaged community members in the early 1990’s, Galena heritage as an adventure outpost thrives on.

The trip to Galena Lodge begins with the beautiful drive north on Highway 75. Numerous turnouts along the road serve up welcomed opportunities to stop and admire the snowcapped ridges and foothills of the Boulder and Smoky mountains. Amidst the dramatic scenery, Nordic skiers can be seen racing up and down the groomed 30 kilometer long, Harriman Trail. Home to the Boulder Mountain Tour, this area snakes along the side the headwaters of the Big Wood River.

Galena Lodge will come in … Read More »

Best Place to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse – Sun Valley Idaho

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Best Place to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse – Sun Valley Idaho | words: Sara Sheehy

What are you doing this August?

Quick, check your calendar. Where will you be on Monday, August 21, 2017? If it’s not Sun Valley, you’d better start making plans. Trust me, Sun Valley is exactly where you’ll want to be.

August 21, 2017 brings the first total solar eclipse to North America in over 38 years, making it more rare than the coveted snowfall of a Pineapple Express. Everything has to be perfect, with the sun, moon and Earth lined up just so.

How it Works

A solar eclipse works like this: the moon passes in front of the sun, gradually blocking the sun’s rays from reaching Earth. After about an hour, for those standing directly in the path of the eclipse, the moon will completely block the sun from view, … Read More »

9 Off Mountain Winter Activities to do in Sun Valley, Idaho

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Words & Photos: Sara Sheehy

Sun Valley is a mecca for the alpine skier or snowboarder: epic vertical decent, uncrowded trails and brilliant blue skies. But don’t be tricked into thinking the mountain is the only place to spend a winter day. We’ve compiled nine winter activities for a perfect day off the slopes.

Strap on a Pair of Snowshoes: Strap on a pair of snowshoes in Sun Valley and the winter wonderland will be transformed into your oyster. Check out the trails at Galena Lodge or the Sun Valley Nordic Center for a taste of winter wonderland. Packed trails not your style? Blaze your own path in a side canyon (check out Lake Creek and Eagle Creek) or gain elevation in the foothills of the Boulder Mountains north of Ketchum. Snowshoe rentals are available at most gear shops in downtown Ketchum, as … Read More »

Finding the Unbeaten Path: How to get to Sun Valley, Idaho

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How to Get to Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley is admired for it’s authentic, off-the-beaten-path vibe. While getting to Sun Valley is part of the adventure, new non-stop flights have made it easier than ever to visit this little corner of winter paradise. Fly to Hailey’s Friedman Memorial Airport from six western cities, or land a bit further out and take the beautiful drive to Sun Valley. Either way, we’ll be waiting to welcome you.

Non-Stop Flights to Friedman Memorial Airport

Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey is Sun Valley’s closest airport roughly 20 minutes away from lifts. A morning arrival will leave you enough time for a few laps on the mountain and an après beer at Apple’s. Friedman’s airport code, SUN, is a teaser of the blue skies you’re headed to.

New for the winter of 2016-2017: direct flights from Portland, Oregon. The quick hour and a half … Read More »

5 of the Best Fall Hikes in Sun Valley

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Words & Photos: Ray J. Gadd

Fall has officially arrived. The sun soaked aspen and cottonwood leaves have slowly begun to make their way from branch ends to trail floors leaving behind nature’s very own yellow brick road. This vibrantly radiating carpet and canopy delivers a truly enchanting hiking experience. We’ve compiled a list of our top-five best fall hikes in Sun Valley to help you maximize your dose of vitamin yellow.

Proctor Mountain (5 miles – moderate)

Serving up some the earliest pops of color in the Valley, the Proctor Mountain area tops our list of early fall hikes. This zone starts by venturing through thick swaths of aspen groves before climbing to higher elevations. Thoughts of burning thighs quickly vanish as expansive perspectives of the colorful valley below take hold. The reward makes the trek well worth the effort.

Tip: the leaves will be changing early up here so … Read More »