An Eventful Summer in Sun Valley, ID – 2017

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Every summer adventure conquerers are drawn out of the wood work to Sun Valley, Idaho in search of something special. For some, the lure is the 400+ miles of singletrack mountain biking trails, the endless hiking opportunities or even the rod-torquing trout lurking in the various waters are the sacred quests. For others, Sun Valley’s hybridization of adventure and culture are what truly satiate their cravings. The myriad of events that go down each summer are plentiful enough to please audiences far and wide. This year is no different. Have a look and see what the 2017 summer line-up has in-store.

Summer Events & Festivals

Wellness Festival | May 26 – 29
Sun Valley Brewfest | June 17
Ride Sun Valley | June 29 – July 2
Writers’ Conference | June 30 – July 3
Hailey Days of the Old West Celebration | July 1 – 4
Ketchum Arts Festival … Read More »

Best Place to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse – Sun Valley Idaho

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Best Place to View the 2017 Solar Eclipse – Sun Valley Idaho | words: Sara Sheehy

What are you doing this August?

Quick, check your calendar. Where will you be on Monday, August 21, 2017? If it’s not Sun Valley, you’d better start making plans. Trust me, Sun Valley is exactly where you’ll want to be.

August 21, 2017 brings the first total solar eclipse to North America in over 38 years, making it more rare than the coveted snowfall of a Pineapple Express. Everything has to be perfect, with the sun, moon and Earth lined up just so.

How it Works

A solar eclipse works like this: the moon passes in front of the sun, gradually blocking the sun’s rays from reaching Earth. After about an hour, for those standing directly in the path of the eclipse, the moon will completely block the sun from view, … Read More »

9 Epic Trail Runs in Sun Valley, Idaho

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The hundreds of miles of trails in and around Sun Valley are a well known to hikers and mountain bikers. Sun Valley has an embarrassing wealth of buttery singletrack, incredible views, and uncrowded trailheads. If you’re inclined to hit the trail in running shoes instead of hiking boots, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re after a scenic cruise or a high elevation training run to punish your lungs and legs, look no further than these nine epic trail runs in Sun Valley.

Trail Runs Under 4.5 Miles

White Clouds Loop

Best For: Runners Staying at the Sun Valley Lodge
Distance: 4 Mile Loop
Location: Sun Valley

The White Clouds Loop offers trail runners gentle climbs, a great view of Baldy, and a fast ending on a paved bike path. Begin at the trailhead across the street from Sun Valley Lodge. Climb the switchbacks on the Valley … Read More »

An Insider Guide to the Sun Valley Summer Symphony

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Words: Sara Sheehy

The Sun Valley Summer Symphony is the largest privately funded symphony in the United States. For three weeks the Symphony’s free classical music concerts are the center of social life in Sun Valley. Friends & families join forces, pack delectable picnic spreads and flock to the Sun Valley Pavilion for one of the area’s quintessential summer experiences.

Well-seasoned patrons know that there a few tricks to maximizing your symphony experience. We’ve tapped in to a few of those secrets and compiled an insider’s guide to the Sun Valley Summer Symphony to make your experience the best it can be.


Each year the Symphony puts together a series of diverse performances that appease a variety of listeners’ preferences. From puppet additions to the classic productions, each show has it’s own unique flavor. To ensure you catch a show that suits your style, be sure to check … Read More »

10 Free and Cheap Things to Do in Sun Valley, Idaho

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Words & Photos: Sara Sheehy

Enjoying Sun Valley’s long, sun-soaked days doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Here are ten of the best free (and nearly free) experiences to enjoy this summer.

Hike Up, Hitch a Ride Down: Locals know there is a fountain of youth in Sun Valley, and it’s hidden on the daily pilgrimage up Bald Mountain. Hikers of all ages climb to the summit via the Bald Mountain Trail then hitch a free ride down on the Christmas Chairlift and Roundhouse Gondola. If you get hungry on your trek, swing by the Roundhouse for lunch. >>More: Hiking Trails in Sun Valley

Hone Your Throwing Arm: Disc golf is a mix of frisbee and golf, and can be enjoyed for free at the Ketchum Disc Golf Course and Keefer Park in Hailey. Bring your own discs, then try your best … Read More »

Sun Valley Summer Events 2016 – Let Summer Take the Stage

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The Sun Valley Summer Stage will have you movin’ and shakin’ for months to come. With events happening nearly every weekend, this summer is one not to be missed!

Sun Valley Half Marathon | June 4th

Stunning vistas, ample amounts of food, interaction and fun make this a not-to-be-missed race for your calendar!

Sun Valley Brewfest | June 18th

Savor the chance to taste some of the finest craft beers in North America! $25 scores you unlimited tasters!*

Ride Sun Valley Bike Festival | June 23rd – 26th

The most fun you’ll have on two-wheels!

SheepTown Drag Races
Team Criterium
Foxtrot 40 XC Race
Enduro Cup Races
Idaho Pump Track State Championships

Ketch’em Alive Tuesday Night Concert Series | June – August

Rockin’ good tunes every Tuesday from June 14th – August 9th

Company of Fools Theatre | June – October

June 28th – July 20th | Grey Gardens

Based on the film about Jacqueline … Read More »

Best Early Season Mountain Bike Rides in Sun Valley

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Five months of snow-induced activities tend to leave one yearning for change. When the temperatures jump in to the 60’s here in Sun Valley, an eagerness to mix up the daily routine sweeps the town. This is a biking community after all and the first chance to hop on those beautiful two-wheeled mechanical devices is met with open arms. Nevermind the ghostly white legs, extra winter weight, creaking bike parts and dismal Strava times, it’s all about embracing the first glimpse of spring.

The early season can prove to be a tricky time for single track riding. Snowy, muddy conditions tend to keep the trails a bit of a guessing game as to what is rideable (don’t be that guy/girl tearing it up in the mud).  The BCRD (Blaine County Recreation District) Summer Trail Link does a fantastic job of delivering up-to-date reports on trail closures … Read More »

The Truth Behind Sun Valley in the Summer

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Words: Kitt Doucette

IT MAY BE TEMPTING to pigeonhole Sun Valley as a winter destination (it’s home to one of the top ski resorts in North America, after all). But the options for adventure and fun only increase in proportion to the daily hours of sunlight — meaning that summer in Sun Valley is pretty hard to beat. Here are 19 truths that prove why.

1. Two wheels are better than four.

Whether you’re riding a beach cruiser around town on the local bike paths, charging over Galena Summit in a peloton, or exploring the backcountry on your mountain bike — Sun Valley and bikes go together like strong coffee and sunrises. And if you ever need to shuttle your bike to the trailhead, there’s the free, bike-rack-equipped local bus service, Mountain Rides.

2. The Milky Way is a lot bigger than a candy bar.

Stargazing in Sun … Read More »

Riding the Lupine Flow Trail on Bald Mountain

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Words & Photos: Ray J. Gadd

While the notion of growing tired of the trails around Sun Valley may be hard to fathom, many of us find ourselves in a rut of revisiting the same go-to routes time and time again. We fall back on the comforts of familiarity to avoid thinking out of the box and enduing the slim possibility of a disappointing ride. It can be a daunting habit to ditch but one that most certainly should be abandoned for the greater good of your biking well-being.

Fortunately, there is a saving grace here in the Valley beckoning to pull you from your stagnant routine. The Sun Valley Resort spent some quality time sculpting out a delightful creation, the Lupine flow trail. This nearly pedal free traverse delivers momentum hungry banked turns, wheelie-friendly rollers and jaw-dropping views. Accessed via the upper Broadway trail, Lupine meanders effortlessly across the famed bowls … Read More »

FLY FISHING in SUN VALLEY, ID – The Ultimate Guide

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Words: Brett Wilson // Photos: Ray J. Gadd

ASK A TRAVELING FLY FISHER their favorite North American trout destination and they’ll likely spill about drift boating the majesty of Montana’s Big Sky country, wading the tumbling pools of Colorado’s steep freestones, or spey casting the sweeps of Oregon’s coastal rivers. Ask that traveling fly fisher where they can find all these opportunities in one location, and they may struggle to answer. That is — of course — if they’ve never been to Sun Valley.

The Sun Valley area offers an incredible diversity of fly fishing opportunities for everyone from the casual novice to the ambitious expert. Time to buy a stack of postcards for Mom, because you’ll have plenty of fish stories to tell after wading our local waters.




Big Wood River: The local freestone

The fabled Big Wood … Read More »